I'm Jaclyn Urban, a soprano, inside out and upside down. I am an inquisitive yogini, and passionate teacher of singing and vinyasa yoga. I believe in the magic of self-awareness; those moments in song or on the mat when you are lit up
 – breath is grounded, body feels free and boundless, and you are flowing..everything just kinda softly lines up. 

Consider this an invite to schedule a group or private lesson with me,
 a time dedicated to a process of discovering yourSelf, enabling you to create full expression…
On the yoga mat, in the practice room...or on stage.
Create a time to truly be with yourSelf..your breath, your body, your voice. It’s amazing what you’ll uncover. 

 Disclaimer: You may experience bouts of euphoria and move and sing in ways you always knew were possible.

I am available for group and private lessons
 Contact me via private message on my facebook page, LotusVoice, with any inquiries.